Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Windows Mobile Delayed

WM is a major player in the mobile realm.  Desipte how you may feel about Redmond, they do have great products,  but in the case of mobile devcies, their OS is getting very dated.  To make matters worse, today's Android  rollout only underscores the need for Microsoft to get its act together.

Unfortunately for WM fans, there is some bad news.  Windows Mobile y will be delayed until the second half of 2009.  So, let me do the math...square root, cosine, divided by...dude, about a year from now!

While there is no official word from Redmond on the delay, we were thrown a bunch of PR jargons that landed quite short.  However, there is something to take note.

"Dumb pipe".  I think someone used that once before.  It just sounds like Microsoft and wireless providers are playing ball together.

Furthermore, improvements to WM 6 continues, including better browsing for a better and richer Web experience.  Microsoft also reiterated that MW continues to outsell competitors.

Regardless, this delay is bad news for Redmond and it's allies.  Recent days have not been all that great PR-wise.  But let's hope that things turn around so we can maintain a health competitive atmosphere in the mobile realm.

Note:  I wonder how Microsoft will respond to Android's attack.  After today's press event, it seems like Apple and Google are going head to head in the consumer realm.  I doubt Blackberry will be an exciting player like Apple and Google but Microsoft can make waves if it bring some of it's entertainment assets into the mix.

Source:  CNet and Mobility Today

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