Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WSJ Now Believes Android Phone Is Coming

With multiple sources (originally from Yahoo News Via Reuters), it's pretty much agreed Google and T-Mobile will be announcing the first ever Android phone on September 23rd.

According to Engadget (WSJ), up to 700K units will be moved starting late October.  That is quite a lot of phones for a startup op.  Okay, even if it is Google, HTC, and T-Mobile, there is a lot of confidence in Android for the trio to anticipate that much demand.

Previously, TmoNews' source provided them with a 9/17 Android debut (still a day away...).  And before that, rumors of trouble with Android nearly broke the hearts of Google fans when it was speculated there will be no Android phones until 2009.

Here are some basic info we know about the phone.
  • 3G
  • Physical QWERTY keyboard.
  • Touchscreen
  • Android app store with virtually no restrictions as oppose to T-Mobile's offering on the other extreme.
  • FCC has approved the device dubbed "Dream".  I don't know if it'll actually be called that.  It's a name HTC would come up with, not Google.
  • WSJ reports the mobile device should hit the store at the end of October.
  • 600-700K Units to be moved by the end of the year.  
There are other specs that supposedly leaked but they're simply speculations as far as Onxo is concerned.  I'm sure we'll hear more details in the coming days.  It's almost a given.  I simply do no believe anyone is better at keeping a secret than Apple.

WSJ also anticipates competition between the Android phone with RIM and Apple.  We shall see if the device is a smartphone which competes directly with the Blackberry (phone with computing functions) or a wireless device derived from a mobile platform (a mobile platform with communication functions added) like the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Smartphone or mobile platform device.  Personally, I can't take another false hope.  C'mon!  23rd, a week from now!

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