Sunday, September 7, 2008

New 2008-09 Zune To Go On Sale Soon

The 120GB Zune appeared on Amazon for $250.  Also, Gizmodo has the specs on the $150 Blue 8GB Zune.  There are a lot of new features.  Just to highlight a few that are uniquely different from anything Zune in the past:
  • Zune Pass - subscription
  • Wireless sync
  • Buy from FM by tagging songs you may have heard on the radio.
  • Games
  • 8GB, 320 x 240

Now, there are other features mentioned that you go to Gizmodo for.  However, I didn't think they are work mentioning simply because we already know they exists from previous models or that the features simply are not widely used.

However, the Zune 120GB is no longer on Amazon's website but Pocketables did a wise thing and took a screen shot of the page.  We are likely to see similar features as with the 8GB Zune.

How does this compare to the iPod lines?  We'll don't know.  On Tuesday, Apple will be debuting their 2008-09 iPod line.  We'll make that comparison then.  But if we must, the current 8GB iPod Nano costs $30 more than this yet to be released 8GB Zune model.

As Pocketables mentioned and Onxo did a few weeks ago, Archos 5 and 7 offer greater flexibility with a bigger screen than either Zune or the iPod Touch. However, we are also reserving comparisons between Archos and the new iPods until we know the specs.  From a purely storage standpoint, Archos have that all to themselves.  But with Internet access and support in terms of entertainment materials, iPod-iTunes combo cannot be matched.

So, come back after Tuesday morning and we'll let you know what we think of Zune, Archos, and iPod.  

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