Thursday, October 9, 2008

$800 MacBook? Nah! Yeah?

I don't like to propagate rumors but sometimes it is fun to speculate and analyze the mobile battlefield and see where things are head.  For a while now, we have been hearing about Apple's diminishing profit margins due to aggressive pricing and costs of new products.

On Macrumors today, we found out there is a potential for an Apple laptop entering the market at $800.  Via The Inquisitr, their sources informed them of additional price points that will set the way for new upgrades.  Now, if Apple tells us the macroeconomic situation is not affecting them, don't believe it.  I'm sure they are feeling pricing and competitive pressure just like everyone else.

The key for Apple is the innovative momentum they've got going on their side.  So, $800?

It's entirely possible.  After all, we have Vista laptops for as a low as $400 at times with medium prices I've seen around $600 that we see from Dell or circulars.  A lot of these low end laptops uses older CPU or new lower speed chips, older chipsets, and perhaps even the LCD screen is not as vibrant as higher end laptops.

So, if Apple is making Macbooks using last year's tech, they can offer entry points for students, families, and even small businesses.  Could this be what Apple is considering doing?  Deep down, I really doubt it.  Even using updated Intel CPU and chipsets, Apple should be able to economy of scale of lower costs and offer consumers OS X goodness at a lower price.

Like everyone else, I assume we would see a $100 drop in Macbook.  I secretly hope to see a $900 Macbook.  But hey, if it's $800, I'll take it.  And I'm sure a lot of mobile warriors will be looking to do the same as well.

Link:  The Inquisitr , Macrumors

Note:  If you like Apple rumors on this matter, visit Macrumors for they've got updates and we'll likely hear more about this in the coming days.

Another note:  Could this $800 entry be something entirely different from anything we've seen before?  Please come back later for more fun speculation.  I'm betting on...iPhone with a bigger screen?

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