Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ag-Zn Battery - Green, Safe, and Longer Run-Time

I know HP has a laptops with 24 hours of battery life.  But laptops with such battery lives are the exception rather than the rule.  With lithium-ion, the battery we currently use in our laptops, we've taken it as far as it's going to go.  Long battery life is the Holy Grail in mobile computing.  The other being an integrated graphic processor that does not suck.

Well, I don't want to be too greedy.  I'll take longer battery life by way of  new silver-zinc batteries that are coming our way in 2009.

Advantages and Highlights from press release:

  • A major computer manufacturer will take up the technology.  If there's an effort to not identify it, it may well be Apple.  
  • 200 Cycles at 100% discharge.
  • Well, it won't kill you as it isn't likely to explode.
  • 95% Recyclable.
  • Drum roll...40% longer battery life.
I'm most excited about the battery life here.  In today's terms, four hours means 5.5 hours in 2009.  

Take them at their words, I've estimated what battery life is like with a 40% increase.  Then taking into new advances in power-savings from CPU and chipsets, we are looking at a whopping 54% increase in battery life (assuming a 10% increase in chip efficiency).

Impact:  The advantages are mentioned above but this would take mobility to the next level.  I wonder how long it'll take before they are fit into smartphones and mobile devices.

Note:  I wonder if older laptops can take advantage of this new battery technology.  Consensus opinion is that this is either HP or Apple.  Doesn't say when in 2009.

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