Friday, October 10, 2008

Analyst Wants Android To Be Windows For Smartphones

I think everyone who makes a smartphone or supports a specific mobile OS would like to have a majority of the users use their technology or phone.  Right now, we  have a fight for the hearts and minds of mobile warriors where entrenched companies like Nokia, Microsoft, and RIM are up against Apple who burst onto the scene 18 months ago and Google in the last month.  Google will have the first Android device, T-Mobile G1, on the market on October 22nd.

Kevin Bruden of ABI Research believe Android's success revolves around handset makers making the realization of the benefits of a standard mobile platform.  According to Bruden, Google has to convince handset makers the benefits of a standard platform.

That's the difficulty there.  It would mean handset makers will rely on virtually one company, Google, to provide advancements and innovations in a timely manner.  That's a tall order.  And a bigger bet by handset makers.

Take Windows Mobile 6.  As versatile as it is, it has been perceived as tired and fallen behind quicker competitors who have brought out new updates and features.  From HTC to Samsung to Sony, they have had to "graft" their own UI in order to mask a familiar but dated interface in order to make WM6 look new.

It's a credit to Microsoft to continue to improve Windows Mobile 6 but no one can say handset makers aren't wishing version 7 would be here sooner rather than later (possibly late 2009/early 2010).  Meanwhile, competitors can only watch as Apple and Blackberry surge forward.

If Android is to succeed, it's Google that will have to convince mobile users, not handset makers.

Source:  Wireless Week

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