Monday, October 27, 2008

Anatomy of a Mac Rumor (Or Any Other Ones)

The Mac and iPhone realm is beseiged by rumors all the time.  On a daily basis in fact.

I like rumors.  The more the better.  And especially if they come true.  Like the iPhone.

Then there are rumors that doesn't make sense but people report them like "the one" (not Obama), Jobs said it himself.  Take the recent $800 Macbook rumor that was flying around just days before Apple unveiled the new Macbook line-up on October 14.

We did not get the $800 Macbook.  Nor did we get the $900 Macbook.  We got the $999 Macbook and a $100 increase on the high end Macbook for our troubles.  So, I got to thinking and here are some rules to follow when you read up on Mac, iPhone, or any mobile gadgets.
  • If it makes you feel good about it, it's not true.
  • If it involves technology that is leaps and bounds beyond what we see today, it's not true.
  • If it includes all the features you want, it's not true.
  • If there is a huge price drop, it's not true.
  • If the source "swears by his first born" that the tip he got is a lock, it's not a lock.
  • If it's from an overpaid analyst from Wall Street or any road, it's DEFINITELY not true.
Here are some Apple-specific rules to follow when we read up on rumors in additional to those above:
  • Refreshed products are considered new products.
  • "New products" does not mean flip-iPhone, MacTablets, or lighter than Air notebook.  It means iPods with bigger storage in September, iPhone updates in June, Macbook updates in Spring and Fall.
  • Tablets are on their way.  We'll get them when we get them.  When Apple says so.
  • iPhones are not netbooks.  Netbooks are coming.  We just don't know what yet.
  • When Jobs says they're not working on something, it means they're working on it.  For example, he said video on an iPod was a dumb idea.  Hence, we got video iPods.  He said Americans don't read.  True. But we might still see an ebook-friend iPod or iPhone.  Even the tablet.  
So, if you're new to the rumor scene, welcome.  They're entertaining.  Fun.  Gets you through the day.  But if you use rumors to base your purchases or financial investments, let me say it now, don't.  
If you need something now, get it.  Get whatever mobile device you need now or when you need it.  

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