Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Did Right With Nvidia Chipsets

By now, you know the new Macbooks sport Nvidia's newest chipsets with an integrated graphic processors. According to Anandtech, it was a good choice.

While they took at look at the GeForce 9300, they did compare it to AMD and Intel's own offerings along with the 9400.  Now, keep in mind their tests are based on desktop motherboards, you can still draw some conclusions and apply it to their mobile siblings.

Early, we brought you Apple's own numbers .  Biased, right?  You judge.

  • 9400 (39.5 FPS) was 5.7 times faster over Intel's G45 playing Enemy Territory at 1024x768 resolution
  • 9400 (47.7 FPS) was 1.9 times faster over Intel's G45 playing Company of Heroes at 1024x768 resolution
  • 9400 (30.1 FPS) was 3.2 times faster over Intel's G45 playing Crysis at 1024x768 resolution (low quality)
Okay, so maybe Apple did not fudge the numbers.  As you can see, from just some of the gaming test results Anandtech provided, as far as graphic use goes, it is definitely an improvement over what they could have used from Intel.  I avoided the G35 because that's just last year's news.

But look at these Macbooks and after some time to digest the information, I'm more than convinced that Apple has targeted the white Macbooks at consumers.  But if you look at the general performance, the white Macbooks, admittedly slower, it more than holds its own against its newer siblings.  

The aluminum Macbooks offer the choice for some folks who want to occasionally use them for gaming.  And they are offered to as a choice to folks who aren't quite ready for the Macbook Pro but need a little more graphic power offered by the white Macbooks.  The prosumers, if you will (I hate that term, by the way).

Now, this also applies to non-Mac laptops that use the 9300M or 9400M.  You can't go wrong with Nvidia's new offerings.

Source:  Anandtech (Must Read)

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