AWS-3 Saga Continues

Just to recap, the AWS-3 sits next to T-Mobile's AWS-1 spectrum that T-Mobile uses.  A startup called M2Z Networks plan on winning the auction for the AWS-3 with its 25Mhz to create a national Wimax network - for free.

However, ATT along with CTIA is support T-Mobile's contention that AWS-3 uses will interfere with T-Mobile's own offerings.  M2Z is saying that T-Mobile and its allies are mere concerned with the idea of a free national network that would effectively change the landscape of mobile Internet access and ripped from the Big Four, ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the control they so jealously guard.  

To no one's surprise, T-Mobile's executive for regulatory affairs is unhappy with the auction by injecting politics into the issue.  The issue, T-Mobile claims, is interference.

So, if M2Z can effectively put T-Mobile's concerns to bed, then we'll see the road open for a national wireless broadband network for the masses?  We'll see and let you know.



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