Blackberry Application Center

So, RIM does have an app store.  It's called the Blackberry Application Center.  Crunchgear asks if this is for the corporate clients or average Joe mobile warriors.

Just look at the name.  Application Center.  Not Fun and Funner Store!

Anyway, we'll likely see it when Verizon debuts Storm in the US.  So, we know T-Mobile's "open" policy is that they reserve the rights to limit users on 3G bandwidth and charge developers for bandwidth use.  Google also agreed to T-Mobile terms on VOIP apps on Android.  Also, Sprint's unlimited 5GB cap plus when WiMax debuts, no PSP or VOIP.  And let's not forget Apple's "walled garden" for the iPhone.

I wonder how Verizon can top all that evilness.  Here are what we know so far:
  • Carrier will host apps.  Nice.  Blackberry is really selling out to get carrier support here.  Limitation.  Limitation.  Limitation.
  • Auto-updates on apps
  • Application center will not be able to restart application or download intelligently.
  • Users can manage applications.  Wow, without carrier approval? (being sarcastic).
Please understand that my ire isn't with the device or the support itself but with the structure put in place to screw the mobile users.  As Crackberry itself said, carriers will be stringent in what it supports and likely not going to see free applications for the Storm.

RIM should be ware of choking off any initial enthusiasm for Storm before its even on sale.  I'm glad Crackberry was is good enough to mention the restrictions but I hope they will make this fact very clear to potential Storm users and not push the Blackberry platform blindly.

You can also follow Onxo's Storm updates.



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