Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blackberry Bold More Affordable

After weeks in release, our favorite mail pusher RIM has seen the Bold drop $100 to $299 in Canada.  And this is before we even see it available in the US.

Blackberry Sync speculates the reason may be Rogers is not selling as many units as it and RIM would like.  What was not mentioned was the big elephant in the room.  Crackberry has no problem mentioning how the Bold is now priced the same as the iPhone.

What about us in the US?  I think we will see something along this price or even at $199 to match the iPhone 3G if the Bold is sold through ATT and higher at other carriers.

This may complicate things with Blackberry Storm just around the corner, about six weeks ago.  On Monday, BGR reports Best Buy will offer the Bold for around $600 without carrier subsidy.  That would mean ATT or any other carrier will have to eat up $400 of subsidy over a two-year contract in the US.

Forget competition with the iPhone.  Blackberry may have two siblings dueling for hearts and minds of crackberry fans.

Via Blackberry Sync, Crackberry

Note:  We are still a month a way from Bold and Storm launches in the US.

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