Monday, October 6, 2008

Blackberry Storm Updates

Based on the chatters going on with blogs and tech news, Storm's launch, at the very least on paper, is very close.

Just like we did with Android, we'll compile informations and links of interest here.  After Nokia's Tube introduction last week (Android a couple of weeks before that), it's now Blackberry's turn.  The Bold has seen action in Canada and, more recently, had a price cut to bring it more in line with the iPhone.

Now, the focus will be Blackberry once again.

Note:  Sony's Xperia will be making their own debut as well.  Since it runs Windows Mobile, we'll don't know the kind of impact it will have on mobility and changes for the future.  Here are a few things to look for:

  • How open will Storm be?  Will it be just lip-service from Verizon?
  • Will there be an app store?  So far, T-Mobile and Google has followed Apple along that line.  We know others like Microsoft has indicated they will have their own app store.  
  • With a lot of leaks, one thing remains a mystery.  It's price.  I suspect there is a lot of back channel work going on there.  RIM recently warned of margin issues going forward due to increased costs of introducing new products.
Blackberry Updates:
  • BGR has a pretty comprehesive post on Storm. A lot of pictures from what looks like Powerpoint slides.
  • Blackberry Sync has a youtube video from Vodafone.
  • Blackberry Cool seems think Nov 4th is when we'll see Storm from Verizon.
  • The iPhone Blog on Bold's delay possible relating to the iPhone.  We doubt it.
This is it for now.  We're very curious to get independent information and testing for what it can do and analysis on how far Blackberry has come.

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