Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clearwire CEO Speaks About WiMax

I'm sure he's evil just like the rest of the wireless providers but somehow, he didn't come off that way in RCR Wireless' interview.  Go figure.

Here's what he said that mobile warriors should pay attention to and possibly like.  Remember, his words and propaganda.

  • Lower prices.  
  • Deployment of WiMax for customers won't be like jumping into a pool of cold water.  No shock.  More gradual.  Networks will work side-by-side.
  • WiMax will launch first in Portland and Las Vegas.
  • WiMax here now.  LTE.  Who?  When?  WiMax offers a whole ecosystem.  
Here are stuff that'll interest Android fans like me (and all gadget lovers):
  • Google is very involved (Google is an investor by the way)
  • Google developing systems and apps for 4G services
  • Provide services in advertising and search
  • Android devices will be coming.  Did not way if it'll be phones only.  Yes, Androids are taking over.
Clearly, there is no rebuttal and Onxo likes to provide a balanced post.  Having said all that, let's wait until folks have gone through the fine print of what Clearwire will allow customers to do.  Sprint clearly has issues with productivity and has no issues stifling P2P and VOIP usage .

It heartens me to see Google involved but we all know the crap that T-Mobile pulled with the 1GB 3G cap.

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