Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Consumer Tech Spending This Holidays

These are hard times.  For some folks, we'll be spending some money regardless of how things are.  Mostly out of necessity.  How about consumer tech spending or for your small business?

For economies like China and India, their economy is growing at brisk rate and flushed with cash.  Spending on electronics will continue to grow.  In the US, the answer seems much less certain.  On Appleinsider, there seems to be a disconnect between teenagers who seek iPhones and iPods in the near future and those who may be tapering back spending on electronics.

In fact, UBS believes that while mobile growth will continue, it will be at a much slower pace (from 6% down to 3%).  Of course, this may cut into the what mobile device makers do in the coming quarters.  If certain platforms like the iPhone or Android grows at a faster clip as projected, it may mean the market is more resilient or they are taking shares from incumbent players like RIM or Nokia.  Another possibility is that growth will come not from the US or western Europe but the rest of the world.

How does this impact mobile computing?  Well, innovation may slow but at the same time, price cuts could be coming our way.

The question is whether price cuts will entice you to open your wallet despite current economic turbulence?


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