Monday, October 27, 2008

Economic Relief Tip (sort of): Codeweavers Free Software Tomorrow Only

Okay...this tip is kind of specific for certain mobile warriors.  Specifically, Mac and Linux users.

Tomorrow only, Codeweaver will allow free downloads, one license per user to download one of their products.

  • Crossover Mac - Allows Macs to run Windows applications without Windows
  • Crossover Games - Allows Mac/Linux to run windows games without Windows
  • Crossover Linux - Allows Linux machines to run Windows applications without Windows
You get one download.  Mac or Linux.  I know what I'll be downloading and what I'll be using it for.  Here's a description of Codeweaver products. And here is the press release for tomorrow's deal.  
You'll save about $40!  I will save $80 since I don't have to buy Parallels for my MacWind. Woohoo!
Link:  more info at TUAW

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