Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economic Woes for Mobile Warriors

There are different types of mobile workers these days.  Those who work from home, coffee shops, or on the road.  Then there are those who work for themselves or the "man".

As we come up, by my count, our twentieth month of economic slowdown for Main Street folks, I wonder how mobile warriors are being affected.  I visited a couple of Starbucks and bookstores like Borders this past weekend due to circumstances and I found a lot of folks still carrying on.

Those who blogged for their dear livelihood were still there with their latte and there does not seem to be any kind of cutback aside from myself.

I wonder if this is the same for the rest of you.  Especially those who might have worked for one or two of those financial institutions that are no longer active as of last week.

I also wonder if outsourcing, no longer the leading news story these days, are still taking place.  Any input would be helpful to everyone.

Best wishes and luck for everyone of you, my friends.

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Note:  I don't go by government numbers.  Macroeconomic growth means nothing to you and me who struggle in a daily basis.  For the record, despite our current near-credit paralysis, we're still not in a recession.  Yet.

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