Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eighteen More Months of Economic Pain for Main Street Mobile Warriors

I know very little about stocks.  Or the stock market or the deriviatives that's screwing everyone over.

But I feel your pain.  That's because I'm feeling it as well.

The government has made some efforts to shore credit situation.  That may be a good thing but for main street mobile warriors, it is not going to affect our situation much.  Largely, we're feeling down. And when the consumers are scared and apprehensive, it's not a good thing given that the growth in the US economy for the better part of this decade is consumers burning through their savings and into credit.  And when we aren't feeling it, no one else will.

So, I've formed a committee of friends,coupon clippers,  in the art of saving and we'll try to come up with ways that will help my fellow mobile folks stretch the dollar and get through the tough times.

Here's one now that I did last night.  My DSL contract ends in a month.  I went ahead and sign up for another year.  I think you can get pretty low rates, some as low as $14.99.  Otherwise, they will jack it back up to $30 or $40.  So if you're under some kind of a deal, find out when it ends.  You can either sign up for another deal or go with the lowest rate you can find.

According to Silicon Alley Insider , we could be in this for another 18 months.  I've heard ten years at the extreme.  I forgot where I read that but supposedly that guy predicted this.

Anyway, check your DSL ASAP.

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