Thursday, October 16, 2008

FCC Endorses White Space

Motorola, Philips, Google, and Microsoft.  What do they have in common?  Correctly.  Microsoft and Google, together.  Sort of.

White space, of course!  FCC are just on a roll here, trying hard to get on my good side.  First the AWS-3 spectrum for national broadband service and now white space, the unused TV channel airwaves.

Supporters, according to Yahoo Reuters, are happy with FCC's report backing the use of white spaces for devices that would have limited interference.  Monisha Ghosh (cool name) of Philips believes devices could be out within a year.

Could 2009 be the year of Androids?  Sure, why not?  But I digress.

Don't think this will go down smoothly, my friends.  Just like AWS-3 for M2Z, broadcasters, wireless providers, and others with a turf to protect in the wireless realm are likely to fight this to the bitter end.  On Nov 4, FCC will be voting on this just as Americans (those registered to vote) will be voting for a new President.

Onxo will be watching this one for you.  Stay tuned.  Get excited, it's okay.  This is huge!

Source:  Yahoo News

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