Friday, October 3, 2008

Fring on the iPhone

I downloaded Fring this afternoon and I could not wait to test it.  Since Fring works only with Wi-Fi and we don't use it at work, I had to wait until I get home.  I've been testing this out since about 8 or so.

So far, this is what we've used Fring for and the results:

  • Made an overseas call via Skype.  It was a 20 minute call - there is a slight delay.  Otherwise, it's very clear.  I think the delay is something that is iPhone related.  Well, the app.
  • I tried SIP with a friend, Dave.  You've likely mentioned me talk about his work with Onxo here a few times.  It did not work well.  We used Gizmo.  We had issues with it.  Dave tried another SIP program from  his laptop and it worked fine.  We can't say for sure but the issue appears to be iPhone-to-iPhone calls.  Oh, I forgot, the issue was that I could not hear each other when we're both on the iPhone.
  • We tried Skype.  Initially, we were both used the iPhone like a regular phone:  holding it to our heads.  There was a bit of an echo.  Then we tried it with the headset and the echo went away.  The delay was not as apparent in my call overseas with Skype.  I can't say with any certainty because it was relatively subjective and perhaps after using it and testing for a while, I got used to the delay.  So, definitely use the head set.
  • It kills the battery life on the iPhone.  I was about 95% charged.  I charged it until 2pm this afternoon.  Some light browsing and checking e-mails.  We started working in this about eight and by 11:30, the phone died.  I've never used the iPhone this intensely before so I can't say for sure.  
  • Only works with Wi-Fi.  3G and EDGE.
So there you have it.  I definitely recommend Fring now and just in case Apple does a two-face, get it before it's yanked! However, I do not think that's likely to happen.  Let's just say it is something of a road map I think Apple is following.  
For that analysis, another time.  Here is the direct link.  And it'll only get better with time.  By far, one of the better IM/VOIP app (the only VOIP app so far).
Definitely recommended.

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