Wednesday, October 15, 2008

G1 Shipping!

Apparently word of the G1 shipping has gotten out once Phandroid posted the information.

I have not been able to log into my T-Mobile account to find out.  So, this is what you do.  Go to UPS and track by reference.  The reference is your T-Mobile telephone number.  Use this format:  xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Supposedly, UPS got my information from T-Mobile yesterday.

Once I get my G1, I'll post notes here but pictures, reviews, and analysis will be at On Android.

According to some readers at Phandroid, it's a 3-day shipping with UPS.  Not bad, T-Mobile.  I'm still mad at you for the unofficial 3G usage restriction.  But because of this potential early shipping date, I deem you less evil than your peers for the day.

Perhaps, I'll get it Friday?

Via Phandroid

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