Get to Know M2Z Networks

Since the FCC has deemed the 25Mhz of spectrum, AWS-3, usable and will not interfere with AWS-1 networks, I think it's good for us to know who M2Z Networks is.

They're one of the folks who had been lobbying heavily the FCC to turn the AWS-3 spectrum into a national wireless network.  Obviously, if you got the right technology, you can get it to work.  Warp engines.   Time travel.  Anyway, we're talking about using making sure the 2155-2175Mhz band here and making sure that it won't interfere with other systems.

Again, the FCC said it is doable.  So, M2Z Networks.  According their website, the FCC has said that whoever holds the AWS-3 license, which M2Z intends to bid on, shall provide free broadband access.  Sounds good right?

Well, not to certain folks.  T-Mobile has insisted it will interfere with their spectrum.  They are joined by others like ATT.  The fact that ATT and CTIA are backing T-Mobile means this goes beyond claims of technical interference.

M2Z represents a change that the wireless providers do not want nor are they prepared for it.  So, M2Z wins their bid for the spectrum and gets an all clear with no obstacles,what then?

  • M2Z will pay for the spectrum by paying 5% of the service revenue to the government.
  • M2Z will make the equipment available for sales at most retail stores.  
  • M2Z mean to generate $18 billion for the economy.  They said consumers but I'm not sure what that means.
  • Provide 384kbps download, 128kbps upload.  
  • Advertising revenue to support free service (hmmm...I dont' know).  Also will generate revenue with premium service.  Okay, this could work.
  • Free service for federal, state, and local governments.  VW, ATT, and T-Mobile cowers in fear.
When is it coming?  M2Z will cover 95% of the US population in 10 years.  66% of the US population (LA included I  hope) within 5 years.

Sounds good right?  Let's hope.  

Onxo will keep you posted on this.

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