Sunday, October 5, 2008

Interesting Trip To Japan

Recently, a buddy of mine, Chieh, operator of camerahacker , spent almost a month in Japan.  I really didn't know he would be there that long or otherwise, I'd ask him to look at mobility in Japan more in depth.  Perhaps, I'll interview him a bit and get his perspectives anyway on Japanese mobile warriors.

Here are a few links to his trip that I find interest at dqax.

I specially like tablet notebook , which is rather reasonably price.  I wonder why we never see those things here.  Time to save up and go to Japan and pick up one of these.  Chieh liked the fact it has an expansion slot and that it's a tablet.

Here's something I love.  A button at your table when you go out to eat to get the attention of the servers.  Press it and it tells the waiter that you need his or her attention.  How cool is this?

Chieh's in the process if working through the pictures.  As a professional, he has to run them through his "process" I would imagine so we'll revisit when he gets more interesting pics on his site.

As a big mobile guy himself, I'm especially curious and looking forward to speak to him about his mobile computing needs and how he worked through them.

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