Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Internet Radio Saved For Now

I've used podcasts since it was made available on iTunes.  Now, i cannot imagine being without it when I run, work in the yard, at the office.

Since I've got my iPhone and all those neat radio apps, I can't imagine going on without access to Internet radio.  Fortunately, the bail-out was not the only thing that concerned Congress as H.R. 7084, Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008, cleared the Senate and is on its way to the President's desk for signing.

The passage does not mean an all clear as it permits negotiation with the Copyright Royalty Board for lower rates.  With what it was before, many Internet radio stations would have been wiped out.  I'm sure everyone knows about Pandora on your iPhone or other mobile devices.  If you use it, you'll know how much you miss it if it's gone.

Involved are not just Internet radio stations and websites but traditional broadcast radio.  Airplay is considered promotion for the artists, many radio stations now offer streaming over the Internet.  Thus, they are also subject to royalty fees.

The negotiation will be between CRB, SoundExchange and the Digital Media Association.  This act came about after the CRB ruled to increase the rates Internet radio broadcaster must pay to artists and labels.

Effectively, negotiation can continue through Feb 15, 2009 and allow Congress to approve any deal reached by the parties.

Folks and Organizations involved:

Digital Media Association
National Assocation of Broadcasters
Copyright Royalty Board (arm of Library of Congress)


Impact:  We'll see but for mobile warriors who use their mobile devices for entertainment, loss of Internet music can really cut off a great and growing source for music.

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