Thursday, October 2, 2008

iTunes Store - Apple's Threat to Copyrights Board

It's amazing how some companies believe if they make a threat, they'll get their way.  Like a kid who threatens to run away or take the ball home because he doesn't like the rules or he doesn't get to be captain of the team.

I don't know if it's like that with Apple and the potential increase in royalty fees that the Copyrights Royalty Board may dish out today.  But if the increase 66% increase in fee (9 cents to 15 cents) sought by the National Music Publishers' Association does go through, Apple will find it difficult to operate iTunes without a loss and would rather shut it down.

We'll know today how this will go.  It could be a ploy for the labels to force Apple to increase the 99 cent cap as well.

It'll be very interesting to watch.  Guess if that happens, mobile warriors can head over to Amazon or back to when we used to get it for free, by other means.

In related music news , Congress authorized further negotiation between Internet radios like Pandora and AOL Radio and SoundExchange to reach an agreement that won't kill the struggling Internet radio industry.

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