Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MacWind Update

My Powerbook still gets it's use as an iTunes base for me.  And I've got a webcam set up as a security cam.  So, it's still got it's place on my mobile life.

However, since last Saturday when I picked up my Wind from Dave the Mobile Warrior, it's all I have been using.  My impressions?

It's plenty fast for day-to-day work.  I've written some short stories on it for my friend's site.  I've worked on a children's book for my nephew's birthday using Inkscape and Gimp.  Obviously, outside of iWork, Crossover (free yesterday), and Rapidweaver, I've decided to go as open-source as I can on it.

I enjoy having a notebook with a long battery life.  My Al Powerbook 1Ghz lasts about 3 hours on two battle-tested batteries with a pretty worn LCD screen.  So far, it's lasted me from about 4 to 4.5 hours (wireless on, screen 3/4 bright), it's a far cry from the 6 hours advertised.  I should have known that was too good to be true.

Best of all, the LED screen is very bright.  That's a big plus.

I'm going to run some basic benchmarks this weekend to compare it with the Powerbook and a Mac Mini to see how it fares.  The Wind has an overclocking function so I'm curious if the 25% increase in clock speed translate into real world benefits.

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