Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mobile Gaming Reach $1 Billion

RCR Wireless is reporting some encouraging news for mobile entertainment. Particularly mobile gaming.

This was talked about on our earlier post.  Here are some additional information:
  • Fragmentation of platforms is making it difficult for developers to choose which platform to support.
  • Gaming will reach $6.8 billion by 2013.
  • One third of those survey play games on their mobile phone.  It's all my mom does on her iPhone.  I remembered she was surprised when she found out it could make phone calls.  A gaming machine that makes phone calls.  What will they think of next?
  • One fifth of those survey have downloaded games other than from their carriers.
Note the last point.  This why why wireless providers like to keep their subscribers locked.  This is another area where iPhone has made great impact on mobile landscape.   You can do with with Palm and Windows Mobile even before the iPhone came along. 

But it was Apple that has shift the balance of power away from the carriers.  It's also why Nokia has thanked Apple a couple of times already.

Link:  RCR Wireless

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