Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mobile Profile: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully

You might not have noticed but there was a new X-Files movie that came out this week.  Mulder and Scully roared back into the silver screen and, well, I'm sad that "X-Files:  I Want To Believe".

A small bit of spoiler here.  With Mulder wanted by the FBI and Scully sort of hiding him, how does Spooky Mulder, giving up on the world, communicate with the outside, his network, and keep tabs on the Super Soldiers and other paranormal phenomenon's?

And I'm going take a bit of creative liberty and move six months into the future and assume that the FBI has "deputized" Mulder and Scully as consultants.  And now, they're back in the game.  G-man and G-woman once again with a 21st Century flavor.

I think Scully is a Blackberry Bold type.  No more Nokia candy bars for our redhead.  She will need something with a high resolution device.  Especially when she's at the hospital (pregnant with her second child).  If you follow X-Files mythology, you'll know that Scully and Mulder are never on the same page about their believes at the same time.  But she'll remain open minded now that they have a family.  After all, she will want a world where her children can grow up normally and not worry about a shadow government going after them.  Mulder will likely have an iPhone 3G .  No question about that.  He won't care very much for the virtual keyboard because he really isn't the texting type.  But he'll like the 16GB storage for his "movies".  Plus, time has passed him by a bit and the iPhone's ease of use is just right up his alley.  Plus, Scully will have an iPod Touch because she and Mulder will share the games and app they download from iTunes.

On the laptop front, Scully is definitely a Macbook girl.  I'm guess black.  She will not want anything else because Mulder would have an iMac at home.  He'll do most of his computing work in his iPhone.  Why not Vista or another Windows machine?  Well, if Mulder does travel on FBI business, he will bring along with him his FBI-issued HP EliteBook that offer 24 hours of battery life.  Plus, it'll come with ATT's 3G connection.  It's useful when they go on manhunts.  Since it is television, Mulder will be able to use it to video-conference with Scully on her Macbook.  But in reality, ATT would never allow anyone to use their mobile wireless connection this way, even if it the FBI.

At the same time, Scully will carry in her lab coat pocket Sony's ICDUX80 digital voice recorder to help her make notes.  It comes with a USB connection that allows her to plug it into her Macbook whenever she wants to download her observations of autopsies she'll do for Mulder.

Flashlights.  X-Files is famous for its dark scenes with flashlight beams moving frantically across your television screen. Mulder and Scully will have the American Red Cross FR150 that has a hand-crank, radio, and cell phone charger in their car and at home.  What about when they go out alien or bigfoot hunting? Mulder is like to carry Smith and Wesson's Galaxy flashlight.  What's so special about it?  It's LED and it has red beams as well.  I can think of a couple of situation in past episode where the agents could have used it.  Mulder's model will have 20 white, 4 red, and 4 green LEDs.  Scully with carry the 13 LED model.

Winter is coming.  I live in LA but I do see Mulder chasing wolf-man suspects through woods in Vancouver the mountains in Oregon.  He'll need something to keep him warm.  He'll won't be wearing a suit with overcoat anymore.  He's now more casual and he'll need REI Shuksan Jacket.  It'll keep him warm but light enough for him to be mobile.  Scully, being pregnant, will no join Mulder and his FBI handler on their cases but it's going to be one of the coldest winter in DC.  She'll need a very warm coat.  Double-breasted seems to be on these day.  Wool?

Now, the agents don't strike me as being green.  I never got that feeling watching them all these years.  Mulder wants a Hummer but it's not very practical.  I going to put Scully in the Ford Escape Hybrid.  Mulder will probably drive around in a Prius since all he's be doing is go from their home to the J. Edgar Hoover Building when he meets AD Walter Skinner, for lunches, who is being considered by the new President for the Director position (Skinner's role in the X-Files and with Mulder's checkered past will not come up since X-Files no longer exist).

Stakeouts.  Mulder will have to do some of that with his handler.  FBI will have their own equipments but Mulder see the world different so he'll take a long his trusty Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 12MP.  Plus, he'll need something that will be able to take fast face pictures.  And he if wants evidence of bigfoot and UFOs, this is what he'll need.  Now, to document videos of paranormal events, the agents will have to use the Sony HDR-SR12 with 10MP and 120GB hard drive storage.  Mulder will also use it for home videos.  Speaking of home videos, Scully won't be leave the house without her Flip Video Ultra.  She thinks someone is following her, probably some rogue government op.  Anyway, she figure this is very easy for her to take quick videos of her baby when its born.

So, there you have it.  X-Files has moved into the 21st Century and they'll need modern computers and digital equipments if they want to avoid Armageddon that is coming on 2012 (last episode, not my idea).

Also, read about last week's mobile warrior profile:
Note:  I had wanted to do a profile on "24" but "I Want To Believe" is probably the last X-Files movie we'll ever see.  I suppose not enough people want to believe anymore.  In the not too distant future, we'll come back on the Lone Gumen.  They're alive!

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