Friday, October 24, 2008

Mobile Quick Notes

Looks like Intel is about to get a lot of grief in the coming quarters (year) with Nvidia's 9400M.  Already, Nvidia is looking to take 30% of the IGP market and will likely go higher once the 9300M and 9400M hit the market.  We're not kidding.  The new little guy in the Macbook rocks.  You can see the benchmarks and my analysis.  (Daily Tech)

Also of interest to mobile warriors who happen to be mobile developers.  Apple has finally done away with the iPhone NDA that forced Apple to deal with an unprecedented uprising of three to four app developers who managed to a disproportionate amount of blog attentions.  Anyway, talk away, people.  (Gizmodo)

And lastly, Microsoft's Bach dishing out smack on the iPhone sales number.  That's pretty much what a lot of Apple-friendly sites are saying.  Like I said yesterday, let's see where the numbers are a couple of quarters down the line.

Frankly, I think we're going to great numbers from Apple and RIM.  Not so much from Redmond.

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