Friday, October 10, 2008

Mobile Tip: Ebook Savings Through Sunday

Yesterday we brought you tips on making free calls using SIP to certain Verizon, T-Mobile, or landlines that are not connected using the old school system.  I hope you like it.

Here's another kind of saving if you like ebooks.  Right now through Sunday, Fictionwise is offering a 50% rebate credit on future transactions - they're playing off the $700 billion bailout plan (I know...geez).

So, if you buy something for $10, they'll charge you $10 now but you'll see a $5 rebate on your micropay statistics in your account.  You can use this towards a future purchase.

I tried it first to make sure it works.  And it does.  So, how was it?

I bought 9 books from Fictionwise, including using up the micrpay rebate value (you can use it right away on the next transaction), the value of these books is $69.91.  However, I only spent $46.94 with $4.50 to spare.  How much would this cost if I had gone to another source?

  • $78.94 - saved $32 if I had gone to Borders
  • $72.92 - saved $25.98 if I got these books from Amazon
  • $55.91 - saved $8.97 if I had downloaded these books to Kindle
Not bad.  I might pick up more books by Sunday.  You can read it on WM, Palm, your laptop, and the iPhone or iPod Touch. 
Note:  the rebate dollars are only work if you have enough to cover the cost in your cart.  Fictionwise has not trained their shopping cart to take partial values yet.  It's who I've got $4.50 left over in my micropay account.  So, once you've earned enough to use the micropayment to pay for your books instead of Paypal or credit cart, a button will appear for you to use micropayment.
Have fun reading this weekend!

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