Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mobile Tip: Make A Smartphone Stand

Ipod accessories can be quite expensive.  That's because if you want to sell to iPod, you have to go through the godfather Apple for licensing.

Well, count on resourceful individuals to come up with a 2-penny solution to create a dock to hold up the iPhone, iPod Touch, or just about any other smartphones.

It involves a paper clip.  That's it.  

I tried it.  A couple of times.  More like six times.  It works but mine look ugly.  Though in my defense, I was good at arts and craft.  I'm gonna wait till this weekend to get my five-year old nephew to make me one.  I understand they do this sort of thing at school every day.

Plus, if you can find one of those bigger paper clips, you can extend this to almost any other devices.  I was able to use it to hold up my Dell Axim so I think getting it work on a PSP should be a piece of cake.  Provide you're pretty good with arts and craft. 

Via Gizmodo (Life Hacker)

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