Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mobile Tip (sort of): Presidential News And Poll Tracking

I watched the debate on my laptop because I was at work late.  Got to love the Internet.  After the debate, I was all over the place (place being the Internet) trying to find out what other voters think (less so of the political eggheads on TV).

Anyway, 34 days left until Americans head to the poll, I'm totally into this.  Can't wait for the next debate (Tuesday night by the way.  Town hall session.)

As a political junkie, I can't get enough of polls.  So, I went to Rasmussen Reports where they offer a lot of numbers.  Found the daily tracking poll.  You can enter your e-mail for daily tracking data.

Also, you can sign up with Yahoo Alert to have them send you alerts via e-mail or messenger.  It's perfect for those with Mobile Me on the iPhone, Blackberries, and other mobile devices with push mail.  Use it to keep track of news, subject matter, stocks, or any blog (you Onxo).

Whatever your political affiliation, as Americans and Main Street mobile warriors, we should at least say connected be knowledgeable pertinent issues.  This is the twenty-first century.

If there are other ways you can share with us on keeping track of the Presidential race, please let us know.

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