Friday, October 3, 2008

Mobile Udate for October 3, 2008

Two big news today.  First, pre-order for the first ever Android phone is now back on after supposedly selling out last week.  Delivery for this new batch of G1 will be for November 10.  (Boy Genius Report)

Now, by now, you should know that Steve Jobs nearly had a heart attack after hearing that he had a massive heart attack.  This report was all over the Internet courtesy of CNN's iReport.  Apparently some citizen reporter's "reliable" source told him so.

Like him or not, Jobs is fine.  Here's proof:

Actually, it's not.  It's an image from Cult of Mac.  I'm sure the car's there now though...should someone falsely reporting the death of another be attempted murder?  Sorry, it's Friday.  Forgive me.

Links on Jobs' "Heart Attack:

  • Appleinsider - SEC investigating false report.
  • Bloomberg - they've been on this story all day.  Must read for details, suspects, and scare mongering.
  • CNet respawns need for Jobs heir.
  • Business Week - not much but one of the earlier reports.

Mobile Device Updates:

  • Engadget with Voodoo's Envy.  Sorry.  Curves are in.
  • Liliputing
  • Gizmodo on Bold delay at ATT.
  • iPhone the biggest eBook reader ?  Depends on how you do the math.  May prompt Amazon to share data, but only if they're good.
  • Liliputing on new Asus netbook.  More importantly, how well does it run OS X?
  • 1Up on what you need to know about DSi.
  • Yahoo News reports Portuguese kids will get XP on their netbooks.
  • T-Mo News thinks G1 will sell 2 million through 2009.  I doubt G1 will.  But Android phones might.
  • Android Community on G1 pre-orders for later ship dates.
  • Phandroid with G1 pics and unboxing.  17 more days!
  • Onxo thoughts after 24 hours on DSi.

Mobile Issues:

  • Wired - Top 5 bust phones - look at the top two.  Wired wants hits for a slow Friday afternoon.
  • Mobility Today reports Balmer not afraid of Android.
  • The Small Wave reports on Nokia's gotcha "Come with Music" scheme.
  • Silicon Alley Insider reports Google and Yahoo puts their ad deal on hold.
  • Onxo - state of mobility.
  • Onxo on Clearwire CEO's WiMax thoughts.
  • Onxo - Internet radio saved...for now.

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