Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mobile Update for October 1, 2008

0For the second day, Apple makes today's mobile front page.  It has finally lifted its insane NDA on developers.

So, that's it.  I mean it should have bee more forthcoming about this in the first place.  What Apple supposedly is concerned about is others trying to steal ideas from them.  Who exactly, no one knows.  I suppose just about anyone can go ahead and download the iPhone SDK and have a look around.

I'm sure there's more to this and we'll bring you updates if this is relevant to mobile warriors.

In other news, We may be looking at Storm's launch in the first week of Nov.  BGR is reporting Nov 9 with a press event on Oct 7, another Tuesday.

Mobile Device Updates:

  • Nintendo will unveil new DS tomorrow.  Onxo would categorize this as rumor except they've got a time when it'll come out.  Ubergizmos and MCV has more.  The "multimedia" DS have MP3 player and camera.  Will the next iPod Touch follow with a camera too?  
  • GBR on LG KP500 specs and pricing.  $100 for a touch screen.  Lack the import stuff like Wi-Fi and 3G.  But for the low-end market, the price might be just enough to move these things.
  • Onxo reports that Blackberry Bold more affordable, but you have to live in Canada.
  • Engadget in WiMax speed.  While Sprint in public enemy number one with Onxo folks right now, we still want to bring you news related to the WiMax network.  It's never the technology's fault but those who uses it in an evil way. (Why Sprint is evil.)
  • MacDaily News on app store success.  Onxo long believe mobile apps, not just Apple's app store, is a bigger than these puny conservative estimates flying around.
  • Crunchgear on HP's new 13" laptop.  What's great about it?  $1100 with LED and a dedicated GPU.  Macbook And Viao, while I like them both, doesn't come close.  Max out the specs and you'll come out to under $2400.  That's with 8GB of RAM!
  • Engadget on Sony's Viao AW.  RAID setup between 500GB HD and 128SSD.  NVidia GeForce 9600M GT.  It comes with Adobe Lightroom and Elements.  Good enough for most folks.  Blue-Ray.  $1700...that's right...$1700. 
  • Akihabara News on Samsung's dual screened phone.
  • Crackberry offers 3D look at Storm.  Very appealing.  
Mobile Issues:
  • RCR Wireless reports ATT not in a hurry to deploy 4G, LTE.
  • Mobility Today reports MS will not manufacture own phone.  No Zune or Xbox phone.  I don't believe Redmond.
  • Yahoo News reports ATT to merge wireless and wired units into one.  To kill of wired line eventually I assume.
  • Is this for real?!  iTunes on Symbian?  What was with all that talk about Nokia and Zune before?  Does anyone know anything about it?  Probably stuff folks made up.
  • TUAW reports iTunes will be shut down if Apple is forced to pay higher royalties.  I love to see if Apple implements this nuclear option.
  • Muni Wireless said WiMax equiped laptops to be at WiMax World Show

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