Mobile Update For October 10, 2008

We'll get right into it today's updates.  The biggest issues is a report circulating around the Web that in order for Android to be success, Google must convince handset makers to make Android their default mobile platform.

What do you think?  Will handset makers go for it?  How about the wireless providers, giving that much control over to one company, Google?  Let's not kid ourselves.  Without Google, there is no Android.

Love to hear what you think.

Highlight Issues:
  • RCR Wireless reports class action suit against wireless providers over texting.  US Senator also asks why fees keep going up.  
Verizon to charge content providers 3 cents per message to text to its customers.  Verizon to charge content providers 3 cents per message to text to its customers.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Android Community has a G1 review.  Uh-oh...
  • iPodnn reports iPod Touch awarded T3 Gadget of the Year.
  • Electronista on RIM's next storm, Storm HD.  "Near-HD".
  • Yahoo News reports ATT to hold back Bold to avoid 3G issues similar to the one iPhone users went through, proving souce of problem was ATT.  T-Mobile, you watching this?
  • The iPhone Blog believes iPhone with HD coming in 2009.  We think alike.
  • Onxo on silver-zinc battery.  40% more battery life?  Yes!  CNet/Yahoo has more info.
  • The Inquirer reports Seagate may move completely to SSD.
  • Gizmodo reports Instinct will have access to Pandora - $3 a month.  Yikes!

Mobile Issues:

  • Gizmodo breaks down mobile OS in terms regular mobile warriors can understand.  Must read.
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Sci-Tech Today reports increasing texting despite cost hikes.
  • Yahoo News reports mobile game companies betting on breakout year in 2009 for Nokia and iPhone.  Article focused on iPhone, but nothing about iPod Touch.
  • Wired reports notebook makers join WiMax bandwagon.  We believe 3G and other mobile broadband merge, provide mobile users more flexibility.  Maybe even savings.
  • Reuters reports RIM is a takeover target.


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