Monday, October 13, 2008

Mobile Update for October 13, 2008

Tomorrow.  10am PST on Apple's campus.  We'll see new Macbooks.  Given the leaks on the Web, it's nothing surprising.  What reminds to find tomorrow is how much and when we'll get it.  I'm  hoping for $800 but $900 is probably the lowest it'll go.  Realistically, a $100 drop is more likely.  Still, if we get LED and a much improved graphic processor, that a win-win.

Also, we're following the class action lawsuit against the wireless providers for sky-roOnxo's links herecketing cost of texting.  Well, that's what I see as well far as far costs goes.  However, the evil ones beg to differ.  Do we expect anything less from them?  I hope they get creamed.  I do have to say that T-Mobile's 3G deal for the G1 is pretty good.

The third ongoing issues we're following is FCC's approval of use of white space for a deployment of a wireless network, hopefully independent of the wireless providers or any single entity.  Onxo's  here .

Mobile Device Update:
  • WM PowerUser on what's coming from NVidia's Tegra.
  • GMS Arena has Xperia unboxing and pics galore.  Getting closer...closer...
  • Onxo on evolution of iPod Touch
  • Liliputing on a report that mobile device sales will increase to $27 billion by 2013.  
Mobile Issues:
  • Ars Technica on ATT cancelling mobile Internet access for some folks.  Sucks for iPhone users who uses it for their service.
  • Gizmodo breaks down mobile OS in terms regular mobile warriors can understand.  Must read.
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Onxo profiles the needs of a political operative.
  • Onxo on the coming trend of mobile device integration with cars.

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