Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mobile Update for October 14, 2008

Okay.  Macbooks.  Macbooks.  Macbooks.

That's all I'm going to say about it.  Right now, it's too early to say anything about it.  I'll be putting together a little preview and let folks get it out of their system first.

You can check out the event from Apple .  Jobs healthy looking again.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Onxo in the new Macbook's gaming potential.  It'll keep I think.
  • Didn't know that there was a BBDC.  Great.  Blackberry Cool reports Storm will be there.  
  • RCR Wireless reports Simon And Schuster will make available more than 500 titles for mobile phones.  Titles include CSI, Star Trek, and Buffy.  Also "The Secret".  Read, America!
  • RCR Wireless reports on technology to block calls to motorists to avoid distraction.  My mom needs this.
  • BGR , based on a job advertisement, reports Motorola to make an Android phone with a focus on social networking.  Silicon Alley Insider doesn't think it's a great idea.
  • Yahoo News reports Samsung joins US market.  Dell and HP just can catch a break.
  • MobileTopSoft on VideoEngine for WM.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo in the economic pain.
  • Onxo on FCC's recommendation to go ahead with AWS-3 auction.
  • Onxo wants you to get to know M2Z Network.  They're giving us free wireless broadband access.  Yeah, that's right...
  • Android Guys posts on how to get ready for G1.  Only 9 days left!
  • Daily Wireless with John Cunliffe, Ericcson's tech officer on WiMax and LTE.  WiMax is puny, he says.  Said tests show a peak of 154Mbps/low of 16Mbps, a mean of 78Mbps.  Numbers real world subscribers will never see.

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