Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mobile Update for October 15, 2008

The biggest news of the day:  I got an UPS tracking number for my G1.  Woohoo!  So, while I hope to get it by Friday, realistically, it ain't gonna happen.  I'm guess Tuesday...UPS doesn't like me much.  That's been my experience.
Okay.  Last Presidential debate tonight.  There won't be another for 4 more years.  And this one, unlike the first two, promises fireworks.  Newteevee has places where you can watch it online.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Onxo in the new Macbook's gaming potential.  It'll keep I think.
  • Onxo on books for regular cell phones with wireless access.
  • Onxo thinks Apple is targeting enterprise users with aluminum Macbooks.  But make sure you say "aluminum" the way Jon Ives does it.  You'll have to watch the Macbook event to know what I'm talking about.
  • Engadget wonders if new Macbook Pro is running Nvidia's Hybrid SLI due to high frame rates they're getting.  Update:  They're sure it's now but can't figure out why Crysis is getting such a boost on the MBP.
  • UMPC Portal reports WiMax-ready N810 is now on sale for $443 after rebate.
  • RCR Wireless reports on technology to block calls to motorists to avoid distraction.  My mom needs this.
  • BGR says British Empire to get G1 on October 31th.
  • 1Up has tips on how to do gaming during a recession.
Mobile Issues:
  • Daily Wireless on Nov 4th.  Guess who else is voting on Election Day?  The FCC.  On top;  Mergers, White Space, and the Universal Service Fund.
  • Daily Wireless reports on Nokia and LTE.  LTE hardware to be delivered by the end of 2008.
  • Macworld reports netbooks poised to sell well during economic crisis.  By the way, we had another "End Day" type drop today.  A big "ouch" of 773 in the red.  Data shows recession.  
  • Onxo on FCC's recommendation to go ahead with AWS-3 auction.
  • Onxo wants you to get to know M2Z Network.  They're giving us free wireless broadband access.  Yeah, that's right...
  • CNet reports Verizon confident about their situation concerning economic downturn.  Must read.  CEO is right:  most folks will spend money on wireless and broadband services regardless of situation.  For now.

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