Mobile Update For October 16, 2008

The biggest news, saddest too, is that UPS has received from T-Mobile shipping information but have yet to actually ship it to me.  May God strike them down, but only after they've delivered the G1 to me.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Onxo put together a bunch of review for G1 and Macbooks.  Day of Reviews.
  • Onxo thinks Apple is targeting enterprise users with aluminum Macbooks.  But make sure you say "aluminum" the way Jon Ives does it.  You'll have to watch the Macbook event to know what I'm talking about.
  • Onxo on books for regular cell phones with wireless access.
  • Yahoo News on Google's Android kill switch.
  • News in the Blackberry world has been quite slow now that the Storm has passed.  Haha, I made a funny.  Blackberry Sync tells us how much the Bold and Curve really cost RIM to manufacture.
  • BGR on Nokia's earnings and future plans.
  • CoolSmartPhone on Windows Mobile running on iPhone.  I want Palm OS to run on the iPhone.
  • Engadget reports G1 sales far from 1.5 million reported.
  • Onxo believes Apple made great move with Nvidia integrated graphic solution.
  • Wired (WSJ) on HP's touch-based laptops.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo (Yahoo News) reports FCC endorses white spaces for wireless broadband use.
  • Crunchgear on cell phones give folks rashes.
  • Daily Wireless on Nov 4th.  Guess who else is voting on Election Day?  The FCC.  On top;  Mergers, White Space, and the Universal Service Fund.
  • Onxo recommends checking out cloud solutions to lower costs.
  • Electronista on top selling phones in September.  Not sure about how accurate this is since it doesn't include Apple Stores.  Oh well...


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