Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mobile Update for October 2, 2008

Don't forget to watch tonight's debate.  Sorry, I'm a political junkie.  A friend asked if I want to go out for a picture.  I told him I want to stay home and watch the debate but before I finished, he was like "oh, Dodgers.  Baseball games.  I get you".  Saved!


Nintendo adds few features to the new DS, now called "DSi".  Reason so far are more muted than expected.  It's likely due to the fact that everyone knows it's coming.

More vocal and widely reported is it'll be available in November only in Japan while the rest of the world will have to wait until 2009 with the US market not seeing it until well into 2009.

Here's our summary post on the new DSi.

Also in the news, Nokia uveiled their full screen media phone, Tube or the Nokia 5800.  Gizmodo has has details of their time with the device.  Nokia faithfuls will flock to it.  Here are some specs:

  • Runs Symbian
  • "Comes With Music" service - all you can eat music.  But only use on the same phone.  You'll need to pay to burn them onto a CD. 
  • 3.2" screen, 640x360
  • haptic touchscreen, stylus.
  • Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 
  • $389.  Not coming to the US yet.  Available 1Q 2009.  Now, this is a  pre-announcement.
  • jkOnTheRun's take.
  • Phone Arena has pics.
  • Phone Report's report.
Mobile Device Updates:
  • Onxo makes brief comparison between HP's new dv3500t, Viao SR, and Macbook.
  • Onxo thinks there may be a cult growing around MacWind.
  • Onxo thinks new Macbook Pros may have a lot of improvements and pricing to do.
  • Liliputing has lots of details on making your own OS X netbook.
  • MocoNews reports MS will make Zune available on Windows Mobile.  We say keep an eye on MS.  They're up to something. (Yesterday) Mobility Today reports MS will not manufacture own phone.  No Zune or Xbox phone.  I don't believe Redmond.
  • GBR on LG KP500 specs and pricing.  $100 for a touch screen.  Lack the import stuff like Wi-Fi and 3G.  But for the low-end market, the price might be just enough to move these things.
  • MacDaily News on app store success.  Onxo long believe mobile apps, not just Apple's app store, is a bigger than these puny conservative estimates flying around.
  • Engadget in WiMax speed.  While Sprint in public enemy number one with Onxo folks right now, we still want to bring you news related to the WiMax network.  It's never the technology's fault but those who uses it in an evil way. (Why Sprint is evil .)
  • Akihabara News on Samsung's dual screened phone.
Mobile Issues:
  • WebWorkerDaily on live blogging.
  • Onxo summarizes RCR Wireless' interview with Clearwire CEO.  Tougher questions should have been asked.
  • Onxo reports econonic woes has tech companies worried - impact on short-term mobility not affected.  Some companies have announced cuts.  Others like Apple will expand.  Well, just Apple.
  • GigaOM reports credit crunch may affect WiMax expansion.
  • TreoCentral asks if Palm needs Android.
  • Onxo reports Internet radio negotiation extended.  Saved for now.
  • Onxo on Apple's threat to shut down iTunes music store.  I actually think Jobs is crazy enough to do it.  Not likely though.  (UPDATE:  SILICON ALLEY INSIDER REPORTS NO CHANGE.)
  • RCR Wireless reports ATT not in a hurry to deploy 4G, LTE.

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