Monday, October 20, 2008

Mobile Update for October 20, 2008

I got my G1.  Look for my initial reactions tonight (tomorrow morning at On Android) and thorough review as I spend more time with it.  I can say this so far:  I'm excited, setup was easy, the location doesn't work well (I'll change locations and see if it gets any better), typing is difficult with the protrusion on the right hand-side.  Love the battery.  As in it's user-replaceable.   Apple, get with it!

But here's the biggest news of all today:  Apple and the Beattles have come together to create a limited edition iPod for $795.  Wow!

  • Black iPod Classic
  • 120GB
  • Collector's Box
  • 13 Original Beattles CDs, two Masters, Love CD
  • Engraved guitar
  • 2,500 units made
  • $795
  • Info:  Wired , Sold only at Bloomingdale's 

Mobile Device Update:

  • Liliputing lists 31 netbooks for $399 or less.  If you use search, you can get a lot them for less via 30% off on eBay.  Just thought you might want to know.
  • Onxo looks into October mobile surprises.
  • RCR Wireless reports Firefox Mobile released.  Mobility Today reports new Opera Mobile beta released.
  • Blackberry Cool hands on with Storm.  Must read.
  • Electronista on Moto's Android phone.  But I only got my G1 today...
  • Business Week has a report on Moto's Android plan.  See below on Mobility Today's post on MW woes.
  • Engadget on MSI Wind - to get 3.5G integration in November.
  • Crunchgear on book industry's careful optimism regarding Kindle.
  • Engadget on PSP 3000 hands-on.
  • Of all the days to take down apps on Android Marketplace, Google does it the day I get my G1.  Engadet reports.
  • Another Macbook (aluminum) review.
Mobile Issues:
  • The Apple Blog thinks Apple is about the provide subsidized Macbooks.
  • Onxo on AWS-3 saga continues.
  • Yahoo News on Symbian's open source future and hope.
  • RCR Wireless reports teen market growth slows.  Either allowances are being with held or folks aren't having as many kids.
  • Mobility Today thinks Windows Mobile is in trouble.

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