Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobile Update for October 21, 2008

I don't want to dwell on earnings in Onxo but I have to say something about Apple's numbers today especial pertaining to its mobile numbers.

  • 6.9 million iPhones served.  Compared to RIM who sold 5.4 million.  Very good numbers for both.  Just a better one from Cupertino.
  • $4.6 Billion from Apple.  $2.1 Billion from Rim.  That comes out to about $667 per iPhone and $389 per Blackberry.  I know the numbers aren't that simple but just for comparison sake, they are what they are.
  • Two hundred million apps to be served by iTunes app store tomorrow.  5,5K apps available, 11x times that of launch in June.
  • No one asked about MobileMe today during financial call but just so we get that straight, it still sucks.  
As far as I'm concerned, Blackberries are still kind for anyone who is keeping scores.  These numbers are a snap shot of history through today.  There's a bit more to be made in the mobile war.  Google, Apple, RIM, and all the others can rest.  
More at On Apple.
Also, I've updated On Android  with shots and observations of my G1.  Please visit.  I'm provide an user-based review.  That means I'm receiving features as I use them.  No quickies.
The other news, which I don't like to bring to my fellow mobile warriors is Yahoo laying off 10% of its workforce.  I love this company.  I swear by it every day.  But man...weakening ads, increased competition, low morales...
Mobile Device Upate:
  • Phone Report wants us to reacquaint ourselves with Xperia.  Wish the G1 looks like that.
  • Gizmodo reports Blackberry app store...coming soon...oh jeez...March of 2009?!  Look at the terms.  See RIM's strategy?  No good for mobile warriors who arm themselves with Blackberries.  Yahoo News has more info along with Blackberry firmware update.
  • Onxo - another telecom (this time in India) offers netbooks with wireless access.  I'm guessing US execs already did the numbers and find that it doesn't make financial sense.  Thanks for thinking country first.  Hope AWS-3 and white spaces kick their asses.
  • Wired explained Google will have all the apps back tomorrow in time for the official launch.
  • Liliputing lists 31 netbooks for $399 or less.  If you use live.com search, you can get a lot them for less via 30% off on eBay.  Just thought you might want to know.
  • Onxo looks into October mobile surprises.
  • RCR Wireless reports Firefox Mobile released.  Mobility Today reports new Opera Mobile beta released.
  • Business Week has a report on Moto's Android plan.  See below on Mobility Today's post on MW woes.
  • Engadget on MSI Wind - to get 3.5G integration in November.
  • Another Macbook (aluminum) review.
Mobile Issues:
  • Yahoo News  welcomes Sprint for coming, though late to the party.  Read why.  It has to do with termination fees.
  • Onxo thinks Sprint needs Android.
  • Onxo wants wireless providers to have their own Christmas Carol moment.
  • Onxo goes through mobile categories and see if we might have a happy Christmas.
  • TreoCentral reports on NY Times article questioning WM viability in an unforgiving mobile landscape where missteps give your competitors the opportunity to lead over you.
  • The Apple Blog thinks Apple is about the provide subsidized Macbooks.
  • Onxo on AWS-3 saga continues.
  • Yahoo News on Symbian's open source future and hope.
  • RCR Wireless reports teen market growth slows.  Either allowances are being with held or folks aren't having as many kids.
  • Mobility Today thinks Windows Mobile is in trouble.

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