Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mobile Update For October 22, 2008

I discussed a bit in an early post on the shift the iPhone caused in the mobile industry that is having an impact on mobile warriors.  Specifically, profit margins for mobile carriers have shrank as they subsidize smartphones to compete with ATT.

The likely impact of this is lower entry prices for mobile users looking to upgrade to a high end mobile device.  And specifically, Steve Jobs is looking to squeeze handset makers even more, probably with additional storage capability and price adjustments.

Apple wants to leave no "umbrella" room for its competitors.  With $25 billion in the bank, looks like they mean to do that.  Who wins?  You.  Me.  Dave the Mobile Warrior.

Obviously, the biggest news today is G1 officially goes on sale.  As you probably know by now, I've go mine a couple of days ago and I love Android.  G1, not so much.  Battery life sucks but hey, it's 3G.  Not complaining.  Just making a statement.  For more, head on over to On Android for my daily updates on my owner-experience.

Mobile Device Upate:
  • As reported by ATT, Bold will be available for $300 on November 4th.
  • Gizmodo talks about a special Firefox that uses multi-touch gestures on the Macbooks.  More here.  Must read.
  • Mobile Royale on Opera running on PSP.
  • Crunchgear on a hybrid handheld that runs XP and Windows Mobile.  $500?  My puny G1...oh, wait, it runs Android.  Feel better now.
  • Phandroid offers biased comparisons between iPhone, Storm, and G1.
  • Phone Report wants us to reacquaint ourselves with Xperia.  Wish the G1 looks like that.
  • Gizmodo reports Blackberry app store...coming soon...oh jeez...March of 2009?!  Look at the terms.  See RIM's strategy?  No good for mobile warriors who arm themselves with Blackberries.  Yahoo News has more info along with Blackberry firmware update.
  • Liliputing lists 31 netbooks for $399 or less.  If you use search, you can get a lot them for less via 30% off on eBay.  Just thought you might want to know.
  • Onxo looks into October mobile surprises.
Mobile Issues:
  • World of Apple on ATT's 2.4M new iPhone users.
  • Yahoo News on Nokia's to open Symbian.  Hoping that it'll work.
  • Onxo thinks Sprint needs Android.
  • Onxo wants wireless providers to have their own Christmas Carol moment.
  • Onxo goes through mobile categories and see if we might have a happy Christmas.
  • The Apple Blog thinks Apple is about the provide subsidized Macbooks.
  • Onxo on AWS-3 saga continues.

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