Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mobile Update for October 23, 2008

Nothing major took place in the mobile world as we know it.  No new product announcement.  We're still digesting G1's impact and reviewing it.  I'm providing daily use experience and impressions at On Android.  Today, I'm focusing on battery life and Amazon's MP3 store app.

Now, here's a topic to think about.  RCR Wireless has a post on what "open access" means.  It's very well written and must read to catch up something that impacts all mobile warriors.  Essentially, everyone - wireless providers, handset makers, developers, and you (me too) have our own definition of what it means.

It's what the government will eventually rule on.  I don't know about you but if the definition of "open" as the wireless providers has redefined it is applied to "open access", we're in a lot of trouble.

Mobile Device Upate:
  • New DSi images and videos from Destructoid.
  • Onxo's Take on Apple's Netbooks; UMPC offers their take on Apple's netbooks.
  • Appleinsider has dirt on next generation of chips.  Focus is on Macbooks but last I hear, Intel still sells to other folks too.
  • CNet reports Intel introduces new cooling tech for laptops.  Lots of tech talk but hey, if it works, bring it!
  • MSI Wind will reach 700,000 this year.  I think I'm the 500,000th customer.
  • Crunchgear says Android and iPhone stores the terms of the types of apps people download.  Then there is not a lot of stuff to download to begin with.  I'm still waiting.
  • As reported by ATT, Bold will be available for $300 on November 4th.
  • Gizmodo talks about a special Firefox that uses multi-touch gestures on the Macbooks.  More here.  Must read.
  • Mobile Royale on Opera running on PSP.
  • Liliputing lists 31 netbooks for $399 or less.  If you use search, you can get a lot them for less via 30% off on eBay.  Just thought you might want to know.
  • Onxo looks into October mobile surprises.
Mobile Issues:
  • Yahoo News reports eight Congressmen wants to lose reelection by asking FCC to delay white spaces vote.  Lobbyists cheer business as usual still working in Washington.
  • Wi-Fi Planet updates on Philly's Wi-Fi plans.
  • Onxo on what consumers are cutting first before they get to their mobile bills
  • CNet blog wants Sony to wake up.  I agree with most of it.
  • Mobile Ent reports India now has 500 million mobile users.  That's more the population of North America combined (450 million)
  • Wireless Week on e-mail addictions.
  • Onxo on MS Exec on iPhone figures.
  • World of Apple on ATT's 2.4M new iPhone users.
  • Onxo thinks Sprint needs Android.
  • Onxo goes through mobile categories and see if we might have a happy Christmas.

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