Monday, October 27, 2008

Mobile Update for October 27, 2008

Two big wireless news today.  Last week, we saw ATT and Apple rocked with new customer acquisitions and iPhone sales.  This week, Verizon stepped up to the place and knocked on out of the part.  Imagine what would happen now if Apple and Verizon were partners.

I'm doing that just now...anyway, VW saw an increase in data and wireless but monthly rates rose a mere 1%.  Still, all in all, a great quarter for the "can you hear me now" guy and company.

The second news we will start following is Cox's plan to rollout wireless services next year.  Right, the Cable company.  This would open up a new front in the war with the telecoms.  It's actually quite brilliant if it works in bringing a new game into a familiar playground.

So, what will we see?

  • Mobile devices to watch TV shows and video from digital recorders.
  • "Triple play" to be "quadruple play" or something with voice and wireless data.
  • Working on 4G.  Mentioned work with Sprint in the past so it might be WiMax.  Because it also owns a chunk of the wireless spectrum, it is free to choose its own platform including LTE.  
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