Mobile Update for October 29, 2008

Today, many G1 owners got a rude awakening when T-Mobile suddenly ended our 3G/EDGE services causing widespread panic.

Apparently, we have been part a week long promotion but I think they call it that but since Google's involved, we were a part of their beta program yet again.  Anyway, this "beta program" ended badly.  Instead of switching everyone over to the data plan we selected when we pre-ordered, it just dropped us without so much as a notice.

Again, to get your service back, you'll need to call T-Mobile.  I just logged into my account and reselected the data plan I want.  Thirty minutes later (though it may take up to 48 hours for some folks), I was back up and running again.

The curious thing was that my Gtalk and Gmail was still working during that time.

Now, the other mobile news we're tracking.  We have been updating you on the white spaces saga.  It continues with new information.  The FCC has decided to go ahead with their plans for a November 4th vote.

Dolly Parton or not, looks like geeks (Gates and Google's Schmidt) won this round at least.

More links and the rest of today's mobile news at our new Mobile Digerati.


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