Mobile Update for October 31, 2008 (Halloween!)

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There is just one thing to think about as we head into November.  The Holidays shopping season.  Is it "Holidays" or just "Holiday"?  I can't seem to get it quite right. 

Yes, November.  As far as mobile devices goes, it maybe belong to RIM with Bold and Storm finally being let loose.  Today, Blackberry Cool posted information on Blackberry Storm's Vodafone pricing.  Depending on what plan you choose, you might be able to get it free.  Provided you're willing to go with a higher monthly rate (or as they call it over there, "tariff"). 

Now, Engadget is speculating Verizon might try to fire back at ATT with a $99 entry point.  Onxo can see it happening.  However, lots have to happen including making Bold and other Blackberries for free.  Something along that line has to happen.  Sprint also just priced their new Curve at $250.  Bold isn't out yet and ATT has already pre-announced the price to be at $299 (Scientific America).

During the latest financial call, RIM has indicated that they will be taking hits in the coming quarters because of the cost of introducing new products.  You can get it involves Storm.  Just how much will be up to RIM and it's partners and if VW will be willing to take the ATT route, short-term hurts for potential longer term gains.

If Apple chooses to match this, a recent spat of blog posts that came from one analyst source indicates Apple has the ability to take the iPhone down to $99 if it chooses too and still make a hefty margin.  We can't say one way or another what will happen.  Too many moving parts here. 

One thing is certain:  VW and RIM has to matching iPhone's $199. 

Impact: You and I will.  Mobile warriors win.  In this sense, competition is good.  We'll know in the next month just how good we'll get it.

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