Monday, October 6, 2008

Mobile Update for October 6, 2008

Another Monday and we eager wait Tuesday when most new gadgets and initiatives are introduced.  So far there's nothing on the books but one never knows.

Today, however, we were graced wtih the Blackberry Application Center.  It's RIM's answer to the iTunes App store and Android Marketplace.  Need to say, we were underwhelmed large due to the control carriers will have.

Today, we saw a shift in the smartphone market in the smartphone segment of the mobile market with the iPhone taking 17% of the marketshare to be follow by the Blackberry Curve.  What's incredible is that the iPhone isn't quite established yet having been out for a mere 3 months.

This should light a final under anyone else trying to get into the mobile platform game.  It's a good thing, folks, whether you like the iPhone or not.

Onxo This Weekend:

  • We profiled former FBI agents Mulder and Scully.  We think we did a good job in turning them into 21th Century mobile warriors.  Check it out.
  • DSi thoughts a day later.

Mobile Device Update:
  • I'm very exited to hear about this.  Gizmodo reports Blackberry's app store will get competition in the form of BerryStore.  Know carriers, I wonder if Verizon will ask Blackberry to lock up "unauthorized" apps.  Will there be a jail-break community now for the Blackberry Storm?
  • Crackberry's Storm commercial.
  • iXplora on Sonny Ericsson and Saab link-up for smart car.  KITT not impressed.
  • UberGizmo on upcoming Firefox Mobile.
  • Lifehacker suggest you take Android for a spin.  If not, we've got screen shots of an Android simulation.
  • Phone Contents report THQ distribution of sports games worldwide.
  • BGR in Best Buy's mobile releases for Oct-Nov.  Iphone, Bold, Storm,  HTC Touch pro.
Mobile Issues:
  • Earth2Tech on fuel cell use in DOD.  Why is Onxo mentioning this?  It may trickle down to civilian mobile warriors one day.
  • Yahoo News UK on Balmer's thoughts about Apple's cult, Zune, and Android.  We think payoff may be good but there's a lot of risks.
  • WiMax:  Network World on Clearwire's CEO's WiMax future and services for enterprise.  Also, Gizmodo found out that WiMax is live in six more cities.
  • New Straits Times reports Penang will not go ahead with free Wi-Fi if project is a public health risk.  Wow...

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