Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mobile Update for October 7, 2008

Sorry.  Mobile update is a bit late tonight.  I was following the debate.  Political junkie here.  I follow all the polls and have it pushed to my iPhone.  And I'll be very excited when it's pushed to my G1.

It's Tuesday and nothing major has happened.  Again, Tuesdays are when companies like to bring out new gear.  However, we got a lot of new Blackberry Storm news today.  Looks like launch is days away.  More specifically, Vodafone has come out with its website for Storm.

  • Gizmodo on Vodafone's 3D Tour.
  • This one is big.  BGR reports Storm will be free.  Catch:  Only for tariffs over $35.  About $70.  I have to say, it's steep but not bad.  "Game On!" says RIM.
  • Ubergizmo on some specs.  Agreed.  No Wi-Fi?!
  • Onxo on Blackberry Application Store.
  • Onxo has started an update on Storm.
Mobile Devices Update:
  • Google on Android Maps.
  • Onxo on new laptop battery.  Must read.  Up to 40% increase battery life in 2009.
  • T-Mo News on new plans.  Could be important considerations for G1 users.
  • Ars Technica on Motorola's Android plans.
  • The iPhone Blog is saying EU may force iPhone to have removable battery.  Sure, I'll go for that.
  • Onxo asks if Apple can make America read again.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Onxo reports NDP says iPhone big winner.  ATT does pretty well too.
  • Daily Wireless on Pakistan's continuing WiMax push.
  • Onxo on economy and mobile fees.
  • Onxo analyzes Microsoft putting Zune on Windows Mobile.
  • Yahoo News reports cell phone growth estimates cut.
  • Small Wave on app stores differences.  
  • Small Wave wonders if Google's Android is truly open.  We don't think so.  We believe Google learned some bad habits from its new wireless friend.
  • RCR Wireless believes wireless providers need cloud to keep customers.  We think they only have to do one simple thing:  stop being evil.  Let's "open" mean "open".  Let "unlimited" mean "unlimited".
  • Wireless Week on wireless stocks drop with the stock market.
  • Appleinsider says kids like Apple gears.  This does not bold well for RIM given that it's so closely associated with enterprise.  Such a reputation is difficult to overcome.  Maybe this is why Apple do not public push Macs on enterprise.
  • MacDaily News on Apple-ATT anti-trust lawsuits.  Ultimately, Apple may still come out ahead.  Read to find out why.

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