Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mobile Update for October 8, 2008

The Internet is "storming" with news about Blackberry's latest and greatest.  And indeed, it will be a whole before anyone tops this one.  To use a well-worn Internet term "iphone killer", it comes close.

I've listed some main features and put together some posts from folks who had the opportunity to play with it.  You won't be disappointed.  But why do I not think it's an iPhone killer.  A few reasons.  One is we don't know everything there is to know about it yet.  I've listed a few others including why I don't think Apple has to worry .  Yet.

Here are today's Storm update and video of the demo.
  • Video from Crunchgear 
  • Engadget - SDK and emulator
  • Business Week - another hands on with Storm.  Loves the keyboard.
  • RCR Wireless - no pricing yet.
  • Gizmodo on Vodafone's 3D Tour.
  • This one is big.  BGR reports Storm will be free.  Catch:  Only for tariffs over $35.  About $70.  I have to say, it's steep but not bad.  "Game On!" says RIM.
  • Ubergizmo on some specs.  Agreed.  No Wi-Fi?!
  • Onxo on Blackberry Application Store.
  • Onxo has started an update on Storm.
Mobile Device Update:
  • Wired reports notebook makers join WiMax bandwagon.  We believe 3G and other mobile broadband merge, provide mobile users more flexibility.  Maybe even savings.
  • BGR reports Firefox mobile weeks away.
  • Liliputing reports Intel buys ""
  • Crunchgear reports Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba will add WiMax access to their laptops.
  • Engadget shows Toshiba's new sexy laptop with WiMax.  No pricing yet.  
  • Macnn reports half of 2009 cars will have iPod connectivity.  
  • Ubergizmo on Xperia used to control settings in a car.  I have to say, that's pretty cool if useless.
Mobile Issues:

  • Yahoo News on Web tech helping cut mobile fees and costs.
  • Onxo on how wireless providers can make it easier for customers to stay.
  • Onxo on tech spending this year.
  • Onxo on state of mobile war.  Part 2:  mobile devices versus laptops.
  • Small Wave on app stores differences.  
  • Small Wave wonders if Google's Android is truly open.  We don't think so.  We believe Google learned some bad habits from its new wireless friend.

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