Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mobile Warrior Profile: Chloe O'Brian, CTU

Chloe O'Brian is one of the best portrayed geeks, if you will, on television. Her evolution from being just an uncomfortable geek who Jack Bauer found annoying to eventually tolerating her role in his endeavors to save Los Angeles from 6 days of some of the most horrific terrorist acts on American soil.

Now, what kind of gears would Chloe be using in 2008?  After all, even a lot has changed as far as the sophistication of the bad guys and CTU technology.  No longer do good guys use Macs and bad guys use Dells.

Laptop - Friends and I used to joke about how when IBM sold the Thinkpad line to Lenovo, a Communist Chinese company, we may find ourselves being spied on by the Chinese security apparatus.  Well, guess what?  She's got an X300  (Amazon) because of it's versatileness, light-weight, and sleekness.  And with the SSD drive, it makes it even more important in the stressful and turbulent times.

Mobile Phones - She probaby has two of them.  One would be the new Palm Treo Pro (Amazon).  Why?  Because it's what Jack' had used one in the past.  And to ensure compatibility with Windows Mobile, not to mention that Jack sometimes would call her up in the middle of the night when he's infiltrating a secret shipment of melamine-laced milk products brought into Long Beach port by the diabolical and dark group known as the Happy Cows of California who will try to frame Canadians, whose motive may be that they're bitter we've cut back on oil imports from them because of our sagging economy.  Anyway, Bauer will need help and Chloe seems like the obvious choice to contact.

Yes, that makes sense because it's "television".

As for her personal phone, that's a hard one.  She already has a PDA from CTU so she'll want something that works just as well, as robust, just as much value san the geekiness.  She'll wait for the Nokia N96 (Amazon). This works best for her. Again, she might go with an iPhone 3G if she didn't already have a PDA. Chloe has grown sexy over the last couple of "days" but she is still a bit self-conscious about people.

Bag - Chloe doesn't like violence but she realizes her capacity for dishing it out when the lives of her friends and family are at stake.  Also on occasion, she will have to go out into the field to retrieve hard drives, recover data, and pick up Jack's dry-cleaning.  I see Chloe carryng a Timbuk2 Messenger bag not unlike the one that Bauer carried in Season 5.

Car - Prius, right?  No.  She's not a manager and that means some measure of prestige.  And although she's a patriot, Chloe does work in LA and her affinity for American brand cars is not as strong as folks in the Midwest (then again, why would there be a CTU office in the middle of American anyway?).  She'll go with a Lexus X400 Hybrid.  No, not a Subaru.  I would have thought that a couple of seasons ago.  Today, she'll want the image and a luxury hybrid SUV is just the way to do it.

Solar Kit for her home.  Chloe knows all too well the dangers Los Angeles or any other major American face on any given day.  Nukes, biological weapons, and, again, Happy Cows.  She'll want her own solar kit.  Obviously, it would make sense for CTU to outfit her home with its own power source should she not be able to get to the central command.  I have seen some in the past with with portable power sources.  I imagine this could be something Chloe and other field agents might use in situations where they can't get back to their headquarter.

Other essentials:  Pepper spray, Taser, water and food rations for a week, first-aid kit with iodine tablets, field journals, thermal covers, flares, hand-crank radio and flashlight similar to the American Red Cross FR150 I had Mulder and Scully carry, Swiss Army Knife.

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